Web Development (PHP)


According to US News and World Report, web developer is ranked one of the top best tech jobs in the world. Among web professionals, “web development” usually refers to the main non-design aspects of building web sites: writing markup and coding. In short and simple way we can say that the job of web developer is development and creation of websites. A web developer works closely with clients or company to develop and implement their websites by debugging applications, creating application, writing code, working with graphic designers to develop the layout, working with graphics, video, audio, web server and network security configuration, e-commerce development and monitoring traffic to the site.

Curriculum For This Course


 What Is A Variable?

 Putting Text Into Variables

 Variables – Some Practice

 More Variable Practice

 Joining Direct Text And Variable Data

 Adding Up In PHP



 Floating Point Numbers

 Installing And Testing Easy PHP

Conditional Logic

 If Statements

 If … Else

 Comparison Operators

 NOT Equal To

 Less Than And Greater Than

 What These Mean: <=, >=

 The Switch Statement

 Logical Operators

 Boolean Values

 Operator Precedence – A List

Working With HTML Forms

 The HTML Form

 The Method Attribute

 The Post Attribute

 The Action Attribute

 The Submit Button

 Getting Values From A Textbox

 Checking If The Submit Button Was Clicked

 PHP And Radio Buttons

 PHP And Checkboxes

Arrays In PHP

 What Is An Array?

 Setting Up An Array In PHP

 Getting At The Values Stored In Arrays

 Arrays – Using Text As Keys

 Arrays And For Each

 Sorting Array Values

 Random Keys From An Array

 The Count Function

String Manipulation

 Changing Case

 Trimming White Space

 Shuffle Characters

 Finding String Positions With Strops

 Splitting A Line Of Text

 Joining Text Into A Single Line

 PHP And Escaping

 String Function List

Crate Your Own Function

 An Introduction To Functions

 Variable Scope And Functions

 Functions And Arguments

 A Function To Check For Blank Text Boxes

 Getting Values Out Of Functions

 By Ref, By Val

 The INCLUDE( ) Function

 HTTP Header() Function

Security Issue

 Security Issues And Form Elements

 Htmlspecialchars( )

 Strip Tags( )

Date And Time Function

 The Date( ) Function

 Using The Date( ) Function

 The Getdate( ) Function


 Creating A Database Using PhpMyAdmin

 Setting Up Fields In Database Tables

 Adding Records To A MySQL Table

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