Responsive Web Design


In just 60 hours and through all lectures, you’ll learn all that you need to know to create a dazzling website using CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery. You’ll understand how to make your site backwards compatible with old browsers, and how to set it up using CSS rules so that it will adjust itself to any screen size while optimizing download speeds. This course, which is ideal for web developers, graphic designers, usability experts, and interaction designers, will even provide you with CSS, HTML, jQuery, and Photoshop templates that you can use to design your own sites.

Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll be confident in your abilities to design a customized website that’s optimized to work on any computer or mobile device. From the creation of CSS files to the design of a site’s layout, text, and graphics, you’ll be fully versed in launching a site that’s going to appear just as you intended, regardless of what screen your visitors will be using.

Curriculum For This Course

Getting Started

 Course Introduction

 Course Software

 What Are A HTML And HTML 5?

 Getting Started With Tags

 How To Save Web Pages

 Viewing Your Web Pages

Basic HTML Tags

 Basic HTML Template

 Heading Tags

 Paragraph And Break Tags

 Bold And Italics

 HTML Lists

 Reference: Basic HTML Tags

Getting Started With CSS

 Introduction To CSS

 CSS Rules

 Where To Put Your Styles

 Using CSS Selectors

 Inline And Embedded Styles

 CSS And Fonts

Dealing With Images

 Types Of Images

 Inserting Images

 Image Attributes

 Text Wrapping With CSS

 CSS And Image Borders

 Background Images

Linking To Other Pages


 Linking To Other Pages

 CSS And Hyperlinks

 External Style Sheets

 HTML Lists And Nav Bars

 Reference: CSS In This Section

CSS Layouts

 The Box Model

 CSS Floats

 A One Column CSS Layout

 Styling The One Column Layout

 Styling HTML 5 Tags

 A Two Column CSS Layout

HTML Tables

 HTML 4 Tables

 Row And Col Span

 Table Alignment, Color, Images

 HTML 5 Tables

 Style Of Tables

 Reference: HTML And HTML5 Tables

HTML Forms

 Form Tags

 Textboxes, Submit, Reset

 Labels, Text Areas

 Option Buttons And Checkboxes

 Passwords, Hidden Fields

 Reference: HTML And HTML5 Forms

Site On Server

 Websites And Domain Names

 What To Look For When Buying Web Space

 Search Engine Optimization

 Pay Per Click Advertising


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