27Dec, 2019

Tiny Software Tools That Can Make A Huge Difference

Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have proven themselves in the battlespace to be some of our most important assets. These UAVs have also been used fighting fires, guarding our borders and helping in disasters. Many of these UAVs are controlled by line of sight communication command and control systems, while others can be controlled remotely via […]

6 Questions to Ask Every CAD Vendor

Choosing cad software is quite a difficult task, where many parameters must be taken into account. Switching to a new cad software vendor carries many implications for the fashion design company. In order to make this mission a little easier, I have put together a shortlist of issues a fashion design company must take into […]

24Dec, 2019

Cell Phone IQ Tests

Most IQ (or Intelligence Quotient) tests are used in schools, corporations and professional applications in order to assess intelligence. Nowadays, however, cell phone IQ tests and online tests are also available, so virtually anyone with an Internet connection or mobile phone that supports such an application can test, and actually improve their IQ score. Such […]

23Dec, 2019

Valuable Cellular Accessory Items

Accessories for a cell phone, for example, the Motorola Razr V3 which launched in autumn 2004, has a built-in accessory: the digital camera with zoom, but we’re not talking here about this really nice feature. We’re going to look at separately available and important accessories such as a headset, a charger, and a battery. Headset […]

Axion Cell phone
22Dec, 2019

The Great Benefits of Cell Phones

You definitely want to keep in touch with cellular communications. With today’s rapidly advanced technological advances the need for cellular communication has advanced. Big cell phone companies want to make it affordable for you to be on their wireless network. They are offering incentives like free long distance, free evening and weekends, along with nationwide […]

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