6 Questions to Ask Every CAD Vendor

Choosing cad software is quite a difficult task, where many parameters must be taken into account. Switching to a new cad software vendor carries many implications for the fashion design company. In order to make this mission a little easier, I have put together a shortlist of issues a fashion design company must take into account when inspecting a new cad software vendor.
1. Does your system provide opportunities to send files from any software & hardware directly from what I already own or am planning to buy?
The ability to seamlessly import or export files from your existing cad system (software or hardware) is highly important in order to maintain your production abilities and keep them unharmed during the migration process.
2. Pattern Performance? How do I create, edit, grade, mark, drape, & engineer patterns quickly, accurately and easily?
All the above software abilities are necessary for any company in order to attain a production line. Combining the above abilities with an efficient 3-D animation software will also give your sales team affordable tools with reasonable time to market.
3. Can I send piece and cost calculations into Excel? Word? Familiar computing environment? Can I work in 2D and 3-D at the same time? While your designers may be using computers with MAC operating systems, your finance managers surely use computers with Windows operating systems. Obviously the integration of data between two operating systems is highly important for an efficient business process that incorporates data sharing.
4. How is your company defining the future? What are your latest innovations and how will you support them? How often do you release new versions? Upgrades? Service packs?
Cad software solutions are usually expensive software solutions, which is why you should make sure the software vendor you choose is highly attentive and responsive. In the long run, you should be able to know that the solution you have chosen is as flexible as it may and that there is a support team on the vendor’s behalf, who are ready to answer your questions and solve your problems on an immediate basis.
5. Can you provide a realistic textile simulation?
As mentioned before, realistic (or 3D) textile simulation is highly important in order to equip your sales team with the most efficient and cost-effective marketing and sales tools. With the right 3-D simulation software, you may reach a situation where there is no need to produce any samples for customers, which will eventually cut marketing costs and time to market.
6. Do you offer a good made-to-measure (MTM) solution?
A good made-to-measure (MTM) software solution minimizes costs, streamlines the production of patterns, improves efficiency in sending files to plotting or cutting, improves quality and helps meet deadlines. When choosing an MTM solution, remember to check that it is capable of importing patterns from other CAD systems.
Good luck with making the right choice!

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